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Eastern Redbud


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Scientific Name: Cercis canadensis

Common Names: Eastern Redbud, Redbud, Texas Redbud


This pinkish / redish small tree grows up to 30 feet tall. The little flowers grow in clusters, appearing before leaves. The foliage is deciduous and does not tend to change color much at all during Autumn.

This tree/shrub is one of the earliest to bloom in Spring. Prominent throughout north and northeast Texas, U.S.A. it is one of the favorite ornamental trees in that State,

Bloom Color(s): red, pink

Bloom Width: 3 - 4 in.

Foliage Color(s): Gray-Green

Plant Width: 12 - 36 ft.

Plant Height: 15 - 30 ft.

Duration: Perennial

Leaf Retention: deciduous

Bloom Period: March to April

Plant Family: Fabaceae

Growth Habit: Tree,Shrub

Sightings: Great Northern Blvd., Austin , Shady Hollow West

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