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Huisache Daisy


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Scientific Name: Amblyolepis setigera

Common Names: Huisache Daisy


Upright or sprawling annual, stems are usually soft, hairy and aromatic. Huisache-daisy grows 4 - 20 inches high or long, and stems grow solitary or in clusters. Stems do not branch much, and it is often found lying on the ground. Flower head is about 1 1/2 inches across, and grows solitary at the end of a long leafless stalk. Center disk flowers are deeply yellow and cluster, forming a sort of a dome in the center of the flower. The ray petals, 8 - 10, are yellow and deeply toothed at the tip. Huisache-daisy makes a fine planting for the house. Blooms February - June.

Bloom Color(s): yellow

Duration: Annual

Bloom Period: March to June

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Growth Habit: Forb/herb

Sightings: Several in eastern Williamson County