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Rose Vervain


L. Meeks

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    L. Meeks
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    L. Meeks
Native Growing Area

Scientific Name: Glandularia canadensis

Common Names: Rose Mock Vervain, Sweet William Silene, Rose Vervain


Rose Vervain is a variety of the very large Vervain Family (Verbenaceae). This variety is one of the showiest "Verbenas". It blooms early, is very fragrant, and is easily cultivated.

Rose Vervain makes excellent bedding or border plants, and blends easily with cultivated species or other wildflowers. The stems are hairy, sprawling or upright, growing 6 - 16 inches high. Flowers are small, under an inch, and range in color from purple to lavender or rose. Flowers cluster at end of stem and become elongated as the fruit develops.

Bloom Color(s): pink, purple, violet

Bloom Width: .75 in

Bloom Height: 1 in.

Foliage Color(s): Green

Plant Width: 1 ft.

Plant Height: up to 10 in.

Duration: Perennial

Bloom Period: February to September

Plant Family: Verbenaceae

Growth Habit: Forb/herb

Sightings: Several in eastern Williamson County