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Plains Blackfoot

Scientific Name: Melampodium leucanthum

Common Names: Plains Blackfoot, Blackfoot Daisy


Bushy low growing plant. Blooms are white, cream, or yellow with 8-10 rays surrounding a yellow central disk. Rays are toothed at the tips and have a honey scent. The base stem and roots are black. Leaves are narrow and opposite.They prefer dry soil.

Bloom Color(s): yellow, white

Bloom Width: 1 in.

Plant Width: to 2 ft.

Plant Height: to 8in.

Duration: Perennial

Bloom Period: March to November

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Growth Habit: Subshrub,Forb/herb

Sightings: Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center , US87 15 miles north of Fredericksburg

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