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Fredericksburg to Tow and back - Llano, TX


today's trip:
April 2nd....left Fredericksburg and heading towards Marble Falls.....was very dissappointed to find that the ole stone building sitting in the field of 'bonnetts had been cut, and not enough to take a pik of, from there took Park Road 4 up to Inks Lake SP, some 'bonnetts along the road, but not many. Did see and photograph a great healthy bunch of Strawberry Cactus. Then down to Kingsland area out to hwy 71, real nice roadside of 'bonnetts and paintbrush. Then up to LLano, then out to Bluffton and Tow (not much there), back to LLano and drove on 152 to Castel, very pretty road with 'bonnetts and great views, nice it was, and then returned on CR's back to Fredericksburg. The route we took getting to Fredericksburg along route 152 and from Kingsland to hwy 71 was dead on the money.

In my opinion the 'bonnetts are full peak. I would not recommend anyone driving long distances to come here.

Tomorrow is Enchanted Rock, and will give you feedback later ...

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04/02/15 08:04 PM CST

Ken B says:

Great report Bill! Thanks for sharing!

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