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Between FM 1948 and Hoddeville School Rd - Brenham, TX


I left early last Sunday to scout out some potential wildflower locations for future photo shoots (despite the depressing outlook for this year). I can tell you that most of the reports have been spot on this year for lack of full fields of wildflowers like we had in 2010 and 2012. For photographers like me who want to shoot great landscape scenics of the wildflowers, we are going to have a tough time trying to find them.
I took my route down 71/290 west out of Del Valle to Hwy. 105 north in Brenham, to Hwy. 50, west on FM 390 then back to 290 east, then south on Hwy. 237 in Warrenton. Then I headed down Hwy. 71 to I-10 and headed west. Exited into New Braunfels down Church St. to look at the "field". I can tell you there are wildflowers there but they are spaced out and not healthy looking as in years past. From there I got back onto I-10 heading west and got off on I-35 and headed south into Devine of Hwy. 173 east. After all this, I saw barren fields. There were occasional patches and full drainage ditches, but no fields worth shooting. I saw one noteworthy field on Hoddeville School Rd off of FM 390. This field has been reported earlier but I believe in a couple of weeks this field could be a great shot especially during sunrise because of it's easterly direction. Here there were some great looking Bluebonnets and Texas Star. I don't want to be too negative here, but I guess I'll keep searching for those grand scenics and try to hit other areas than the ones that showed great ephemerals in 2012. We still have 2-3 weeks before peak Bluebonnet season, especially in Llano, so we'll have to keep looking and hoping. I haven't posted any new Hill Country wildflower images on my website this year but check often and I'll keep you posted on some good finds if I do find them!

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