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The Brenham area - Navasota, TX


The plan was to photograph the lovely farm with the bluebonnet field along FM362 near farm road 2 that I still have in my memory at sunrise but sadly there were no bluebonnets and the sunrise was a cloudless glare—oh well. The field in Whitehall in front of the church is still nice but some vandals have driven their vehicles through the bluebonnets leaving deep ruts. The best field seen was the one south of Navasota on TX6 just past the gas station at farm road 2 on the right as you travel south. There is a place to pull and take photos. The entire field is covered with bluebonnets and if you are lucky a few deer.
The Welcome to Washington County sign on US290 south of Chappell Hill is fronted with a nice patch of bluebonnets.

East of Chappell Hill on FM2447 there are nice patches of bluebonnets with the best being in The Meadows of Chappell Hill subdivision with the covered bridge. Back on FM1155 going north there are occasional nice patches of bluebonnets and they continue on Dillard Road and Flewellyn Road to TX105. There is not a lot to see on TX 105 or scenic 390. The field at Old Baylor is a “NO SHOW” and they are doing construction on the three pillars there. TX50 back into Brenham is pretty bare of wildflowers also.

There is not much to see along FM109 to Industry but in and around industry there are several nice patches of a variety of wildflowers but nothing like 2010. TX159 back to Hempstead has some nice patches of phlox, coreopsis and sandy bluebonnets. The reliable field at Jingle Road is almost bare. Just east of US290 on FM1488 by a body shop there is an amazing solid patch of pink phlox about 40x40 feet. Then east on FM1488 to Field Store the road sides are solid with coreopsis where the big fire had taken down all the trees.

I spoke to a couple locals in Washington County and they were optimistic that prime bluebonnets were still a week or more off – I hope they are correct but it looked very dry to me with not a lot of new plants ready to bloom that I could see. Compared to 2007 or 2010 which to me were 10s I’d have to give this year about a 2 or 3. I still came home with plenty of photos which I will get up on my Spring 2013 gallery this weekend.

Photos from Sighting

Small_square_2013_03_27_flowers_whitehall_church_and_bluebonnets Small_square_2013_03_27_flowers_bluebonnets_along_farm_road_2_near_fm362

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