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Unexpected wildflower trip this morning, 4/6/13

We had to make a trip to Livingston, Texas this morning and really enjoyed the coreopsis along TX242 between I45 and US59. There was also one stand of bluebonnets about two miles long and 50 feet wide along the south side of the highway. The coreopsis show continued north on US59 all the way to Livingston with a spectacular bunch in the median at CR371. After taking care of business we decided to return home along a difference path than usually traveled and what wonderful surprises. We traveled FM350, FM3126, FM1988, Recreation Road 5, FM3278, FM3128, FM1514, TX150, FM1725, FM3084, County Line Road, FM1097, FM149, TX105, FM2854 and then home. The road sides and some fields were dotted with phlox, fleabane, coreopsis, dogwoods and a couple nice stands of sandy bluebonnets. Recreation Road 5 (not marked currently) at the spillway at Lake Livingston we saw thousands of birds so I got to exercise my new SX50 with its long telephoto zoom. Needs some practice but I got a few keepers. Then we got caught in traffic caused by a bad motorcycle accident that required life flight. That is when we diverted the route and saw so many dogwoods and sandy bluebonnets along FM3081. I’ll add some photos to my spring 2013 wildflower gallery by early next week.

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