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Houston to Seguin - Navasota, TX


Excuse my ignorance on all the flower types.

Last weekend I took 90 from Houston to Sequin. There are at least three different types of yellow flowers blooming on the way. Lots of pink primroses, including entire fields east and west of Richmond and Rosenberg. Lots of bluebonnets along the highway as well. Lots of flowers that look like red eye susan's

Scattered bluebonnets near canyon lake as well.

I can also confirm lots of wildflowers at Keith-Wiess Park here in Houston.

Yesterday, friday April 19th, I went out for sunrise and there are pink primroses, bluebonnets all along highway 105 between Navasota and Conroe. Also can confirm the very nice fields with bluebonnets and prairie fires and primroses north and south of FM 2 west of 6. Thats where the attached photo was taken.

Very very nice field of prairie fires on the north side William Penn road just east of Independence and Old Baylor State Park.

If anyone would like to go see, I would be happy to go again. I am available every day until Thursday.

I also teach photo classes. www.wryphotography.com

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