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Pflugerville/RR, rural Williamson County - Pflugerville, TX


Many fields / vacant lots around Pflugerville, Round Rock and Georgetown which were previously full of greenthread are now covered with firewheels. There's a very large, multi-acre field at Heatherwilde and TX-45 with at least 80% coverage. Basketflower can be seen at Schultz Ln. and TX-45. Displays of firewheels can be seen scattered all over Williamson County ... FM 1660 near Jonah, county roads near Weir, Walburg, and also between Georgetown and Florence. I also found some nice displays in Bell County near Salado and Belton. Mealy blue sage can be found along many fencelines along these routes as well.

Fields with sunflowers are quickly emerging around Pflugerville, with an especially large field on Dessau/FM 685 just south of TX 45.

After a slow start to the wildflower season, it's really turned out to be a good year, and despite the lack of bluebonnets and paintbrush, there have been some wonderful displays of many other species. I've finally made a long-overdue update to my 2013 gallery - which, instead of consisting of just an image or two, now resembles something more like a gallery. I've photographed some very intersting critters in the wildflowers this spring, as you'll see ... but out of respect for the landowners, I'd rather not disclose the locations where the photos were taken. Enjoy ...


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