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Washington, Austin & Fayette Counties - Hallettsville, TX


A reconnaisance trip from Austin 3-21 to scope out prospects for the next few weeks proved fruitful. The median on 71 between Austin and Bastrop is looking pretty good already and should continue to improve in the next few weeks. We hit several routes in Washington, Austin, and Fayette Counties and found numerous sightingsscattered along the way in the early stages of bloom - 390 (La Bahia Tr.) especially at the Old Baylor site in Independence, Flewellen Rd., 159 from Bellville to Fayetteville, FM 2502, FM 2754, Cemetery Rd. Due to time restraints, we didn't get to all the roads we usually do in these areas. All the routes we did get to showed promise of some spectular displays in the next few weeks.

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03/29/14 10:33 PM CST

Blenda B says:

Patricia, thank you so much for specific locations!! I plan going to look on Tuesday and your post was VERY for planning a route.

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